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"The difference between the right word and almost the right word 
is the difference between lightning… and the lightning bug.”  
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

About Us

At RP Summit, our entire thrust is targeted towards one thing – getting the exposure your company needs to penetrate and compete in this wired world of ours.

Even with direct sales marketing (DM packages) – snail mail delivery, flyers, posters, billboards – you name it – a successful company campaign absolutely must tie those elements in with a strong, directed, digital online presence.

That’s where we excel.

The Numbers Game

With online ads, it boils down to laser-targeted numbers, combined with a crisp, clear and compelling message. The more ads you run precision geared to the right geographic and demographic segments, the stronger your campaign will be. 

This is nothing new. But the mass of online advertising agencies take a scatter-gun approach. Throw enough digital-presence out into the ether, and something eventually sticks. Effective? Maybe eventually. The best use of your resources? Hardly.

So here are the three crucial differences for ensuring your online campaigns will be making that cash register ring:

Our Team, Our Direction, Your Focus


First: “The internet highway is littered with the remains of marketing accidents.”

We create the ads and digital packages that get noticed. We don’t use anyone or any venue that hasn’t first been tested in the only arena that counts – the real-world marketplace.

Vision + Genius = Success!

The vendors and creative forces we employ are talents we totally trust. Every digital ad is screened by us BEFORE it ever hits the internet. We don’t offer excuses – we do offer expert insights honed by 30 years advertising experience.

No Redundant Middlemen = Savings!

Second: “The fewer fingers in the pie, the larger your slice will be.” 

We purchase ad space directly from the online marketing venues, exchanges and brokers we’ve determined will get you the biggest bang for your buck. 

We don’t push or favor one company over another. Our interests are directed to you and your profits. Period. 

Why use three or more – when one will do just fine?

By cutting out multiple layers, instead of paying $700.00, $800.00, $900.00 or more for your cost per thousand ad impressions, we can reduce those expenses by up to 75% - or more. 

In a nutshell, what this means for you is getting the same quality banners, exposure and clicks – but at a fraction of the cost. It also means a far greater number of online impressions for the same marketing budget.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

Third: Follow-up. “You can’t find the ghost in the closet if you don’t know the house is haunted.”

Smile if you like, but unless you have someone keeping a constant and sharp eye on your campaign results, you’re just whistling in the dark. You not only have to know what’s in play – but where everything is at all times! You not only have to know what’s in play – but where everything is at all times! Your entire campaign becomes a hit or miss, flying by the seat of the pants effort – an effort that’s sure to cause you both problems and disappointments.

At RP Summit, we measure every step of the way how well your digital ads and online marketing mix are converting.

• When something clicks, we improve it.
• If something is lackluster, we lose it.

We drill down to single prospect metrics, and can tell where your ad money will be placed to its greatest use and effect.


RP Summit – Personal, One-on-One Attention

If you’re looking for off the rack, cookie cutting advertising solutions – frankly we’re not for you. We take nothing for granted, and this means doing our homework before we ever begin any campaign. 

Sure, this takes more time and effort. And bluntly, the initial investment you’ll be making with us will probably be higher than with other agencies. But if quality, competence and results are your goals, we’re the team you’ll want on your side.

We’re looking forward to a long-lasting and winning business relationship!

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